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High School of American Studies at Lehman College

   Below you will find a list of links that I think you will find either helpful, or just plain interesting. If you would like to suggest a link of your own (or if you would like me to add a link to your own website) please let me know. I will review the suggested site, and if appropriate, will happily add it. If you find a link to be outdated, please let me know.

High School of American Studies at Lehman College
Well, of course I have a link to the school's website!

Regents Exams
This is the official site of the New York State Education Department. It contains copies (in pdf format) of past Physics Regents Exams. The archives give you past exams from as far back as 1997. You can also print out a copy of the Reference Table (in pdf format).

Brain Games and Riddles To Play In The Car
This site has links to serious neuroscience brain games along with truly simple and fun riddles and jokes, and you don't need to be in a car to enjoy them. Thank you very much, Dakota, for providing me with a link to this really cool website!

Del Mar Fans and Lighting
Interesting site that speaks about the science of light and vision and how it is used in light fixtures. Many thanks to Tom and his student volunteers for discovering such an interesting site!

BrainDen Optical Illusions
Here is a fantastic website filled with incredible optical illusions. Aslo check out the rest of the BrainDen site for fun logic puzzles and games.

The Earth Institute - Columbia University
Earth's Plates, Deep Under the Sea. This is a current research project headed by Mr. James Gaherty that will probe the tectonic plates of the ocean floor. Many of the techniques used employ the principles of physics we will be learning about this year. Things like reflection, refraction, electricity, magnetism and using sound waves can all be used to study geology. I will try to keep you updated as to when these techniques are used as the research project progresses.

University of Colorado Interactive Simulations
The best Physics Flash and Java simulations I have ever seen. Make sure you have flash and java installed on your computer.

How Stuff Works
This a great site to visit to find out "How Stuff Works". It tends to keep most things simple enough to understand (at least all of you will find most articles reasonable), but at the same time not so simple that it won't give you anything useful to learn.

Super Slow Motion Video Clips
Check out these super slow motion video clips using extremely high speed cameras of things that happen to fast to see, like a water filled balloon exploding. The quality is not great. If you find better ones online, I would love to know.

Brain Bashers
Here you will find many optical illusions, puzzles, and other fun stuff.

This is an interesting site. It has lots of optical illusions and puzzles, and also has pretty interesting articles on science and non-science stuff.

Science Joy Wagon
This site has absolutely fantastic simulations and movies demonstrating physics principles. Click on Physics Zone first. The site has a lot of good information and reviews in addition to the movies.

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